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What is Jet Connector?

Jet Connector is a Shopify App that seamlessly integrates your shop with Jet.com Marketplace.

Seamless integration

You asked for an app to integrate your Shopify store with jet.com, so we made one for you. Jet Connector by MachinePowered provides seamless integration of your Shopify store with jet.com so that you can increase your sales, simplify your inventory management, and unify your operations.


Synchronize in Real Time

Jet Connector updates inventory, orders, and fulfillments in real time across Jet and Shopify. Orders placed on Jet.com appear in your Shopify orders within minutes of being created. This means you can visit just one place to check on your orders. You won’t miss a sale.

Save Money

Jet Connector is less expensive than its competitors. Pay as low as $40/month or $400/year for our integration service.

Manage Jet Orders on Shopify

Streamline your operations by using Jet Connector to manage your Jet orders using Shopify’s order management system. Your Jet orders show up in your Shopify orders page, just like your existing Shopify orders. Everything is in one place, so you have more control and more time.


We do not take a percentage of your sales

We aren’t interested in piggy-backing off of your success – we want to help you thrive. You keep 100% of your profits.

All of your products and orders for both channels are in one place

Manage your entire inventory, fulfill orders, and process returns in just one platform.

Transparent pricing

Whether you prefer to pay monthly or get it over with for the year, it’s your choice! There are no set up fees!

Why choose Jet Connector?

We made this app because we truly believe that selling across multiple platforms should not be a complicated, long, and dragging process. There is already so much to keep track of as a seller, so why not simplify your load by using a hassle-free integration app that updates in real time and stays in sync?

You won’t miss a sale, you won’t have to spend time checking on orders across multiple sites, and worrying that everything is up to date. You don’t even have to leave Shopify to integrate with Jet, since it’s embedded in the app page.

Why make it more complicated than it has to be? Jet Connector provides a centralized and hassle-free way to integrate your Shopify store with Jet.com.

Set up is a cinch.

Installing Jet Connector is as easy as it gets. We’ve narrowed your set up down to six easy steps. No complicated, long directions. No waiting. Get set up and started immediately. Need help? We’re just an email away.

Still on the fence?

We want you to love this app. Sign up for a free trial to try out Jet Connector for 30 days. There’s no obligation to buy, and we’ll remind you before the trial ends.


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Jet Connector is being improved every day and we always appreciate your feedback.

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