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What is is a serious competitor to online eCommerce giants such as Amazon and Walmart. launched in July, 2015, with a very unique real-time pricing algorithm. This algorithm aims to gauge the cost of product delivery to a customer. If a customer purchases two products at the same distribution center then the price would be low, but if the customer adds a third item at a different distribution center then the price is adjusted.

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Why do I need Jet Connector to sell on Marketplace? does not offer any administration panel for products and they expect merchants to develop their own system to sell products and fulfill orders.

Jet expects merchants to do one of the following:

  • Build their own backend infrastructure to upload products and regularly check for new orders. This requires months of development and continued costs to maintain and operate servers.
  • Use one of their very expensive 3rd party partner companies. This includes large set up fees and percentage commission on your sales!

  • Jet Connector is a very affordable alternative and it's really easy to get started!

    What's different about Jet Connector?

    Jet Connector is specifically designed for Shopify and everything is managed within your Shopify store. There's no need to log into an external site to manage your orders. It's automatically sent to your Shopify orders page and you can fulfill them in the same fashion.

    Key Features

    • Inventory Synchronized in Real Time
    • Manage Jet Orders on Shopify
    • Save Money
    • Excellant & Fast Support

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