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1. Apply for Jet Partner account

If you haven't already been approved for a Jet Partner account. You need to apply to sell on Marketplace.

2. Install Jet Connector to your Shopify store

Install Jet Connector from the Shopify App Store.

3. Complete the Jet API Integration

In order to publish products on's marketplace, Jet Connector must run through a suite of tests in their test environment. You will be prompted for your sandbox API keys then, after a few seconds, you will be prompted for your live API keys. Your account will not be "live" until you submit your first item.

4. Submit your first product

Click on a product in Jet Connector to start!

Submitting products

Submit your Shopify products to Jet and let Jet Connector type them in sync.

Single Product Upload

Click on a product to add required information for A Jet category, brand, and UPC or ASIN is required for product approval.

Bulk Upload

Click here to find out how to bulk upload.

Products are usually approved by within 3 - 5 business days

Receiving orders

Orders are received in your Shopify orders page and processed just like other Shopify orders.

Identifying orders in Shopify

Orders are tagged with jet and The Jet order reference number can be found in the notes of the order

Cancelling orders

Need to cancel an order received from Simply cancel the order in Shopify as if it were any other order.

Fulfilling orders

Add tracking information or integrate with a fulfillment service such as FBA in Shopify and Jet Connector will upload the tracking information to in real time

Handling returns and refunds

Received a returned order?

Returns and refunds for orders are processed in Jet Connector. Nagivate to Jet Connector in your Shopify store and look for the Returns tab.

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