How much is Jet Connector?

Transparent pricing

One simple and easy to understand plan


Unlimited SKUs

Unlimited Orders

No setup fee

No hidden fees

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Whether you produce 10 million orders or 100 orders, Jet Connector is still $40 / month.

How can you offer Jet Connector for only $40/month?

Our cutting edge Serverless technology allows us to operate Jet Connector for very little infrastructure costs. We're also a very small USA based team so there isn't much overhead. The savings are passed on to you.

Will the price change?

Jet Connector will always be $40/month.

Set up fees?

Never! We made set up so easy, why would we charge for it?

How do I pay?

Payments are handled through Shopify's App store. You will see a charge for Jet Connector on your monthly Shopify invoice.

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