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Auto Acceptance of Orders partners are required to acknowledge new orders within 15 minutes or the order may be given to another merchant! Jet Connector automatically acknowledges orders as soon as they are created.

Real Time Inventory Management

Inventory updates are synchronized from your Shopify store within seconds. Upload products quickly with a CSV file.

Order Management

New orders are created in your Shopify store as soon as they are acknowledged. Manage and fulfill your Jet orders in the same area as your Shopify orders.

Super Simple and Affordable Pricing

One plan. Always $40/month. Unlimited SKUs. Unlimited orders. Jet Connector does not take a percentage of your sales!

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Need help? Our support team is available around the clock for your every need.

Why do you need an integration to sell on

You'll notice that there is no panel to manage your inventory and orders from the partner portal. Jet expects partners to build their own system integration to handle orders, listings, and inventory.

Sounds difficult, right? Not with Jet Connector. Once you've listed your items, you won't even realize Jet Connector is working so hard in the background. You'll be too busy fulfilling orders!



Unlimited SKUs

Unlimited Orders

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Full API Integration

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