Bulk Uploading Items

How to bulk edit or upload items

Bulk upload

Looking to save time by uploading all of your inventory at once? Jet Connector can upload your products to Jet.com marketplace in 4 easy steps.

1. Export your Shopify inventory to CSV

Navigate to the products section of your Shopify admin and click export.

2. Choose all products and export as Plain CSV file

3. Add data to the CSV file

Shopify will send you an email with the exported CSV file. This may take a few minutes if you have a large catalog of products.

Open the CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet software and add a column for ASIN and Jet Category Id.

You must use a level 2 Jet Category Id for each product. An ASIN is optional, but it helps expedite the Jet approval process. Any rows without a Jet Category Id will be ignored.

4. Send us your changes

Save or export the spreadsheet as a CSV file and email it to [email protected]. We will upload these changes for you. Please include the name of your Shopify store in the body of the email (ex. abc.myshopify.com).

We'll upload your data to Jet.com partner API within 24 hours

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